Christmas a time of joy to hold,cheer dance,and merry.families together having fun,but what happens when you can’t enjoy that one moment of the year with family. Does this makes Christmas of less value?or does it change the spirit of Christmas?.well that’s how I feel,all alone  miles away from home from everyone I love and its Christmas,from the laughs the singing and the love.I can’t help to wonder if Christmas is the same to them without me,as it is to me,can one person change Christmas or not!just thinking about it sadness creeps in like a thief in the night for I would not want to ruin Christmas for everybody,but instead I hope for a very berry merry Christmas.To anyone reading this whose far away like I am don’t worry the spirit  of Christmas is in our souls and with that no matter where we are family never forgets .sure it may feel different but as long as you hold everything in here💜 then christmas will always be Christmas.


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