Fall haul

So it’s been pretty chilly this fall ,and in Australia the winds are probably at their worst at this time.But I have the best cold and chilly remedy to help you keep warm this winter.Yes it’s none other than my fashion haul this winter,the styles trending and top affordable warm wear are here.I know most people can’t afford to spend hundreds of $$ on designer stuff so I pretty much went shopping to all affordable stores like,MCL,Sparkle,Supre,ICE,Temt ,Valley girl and last but not least Cotton On.This are the top affordable shops especially here in Adelaide so if you want that chic classy street style look, now you know where to head to.I also love online shopping so I decided to click click away on some of my best online shops where I find cheap and affordable stuff likeBoohoo ,Missguided and Fashionnova.For sure this places never disappoint me hunny because they always make me look glam nomatter what I buy.so I found some knee high peeped toe thigh boots from boohoo for about 45$ they were on sale which I fell in love with ,

some black lace up ankle boots from missguided for about 30$which I found very comfortable when walking with even in long distance ,to be honest I never thought I’d love them but I have been rocking this babies for a while and they are to die for.

yaaaaaaassss I really couldn’t resist the bitmoji guys that’s how much I’m in love with this booties.Now some of y’all if you follow me on Instagram will find that I have posted the next boss ass picture on there or saw me wear this bomb bad ass wool look cape coat at the Madaraka Gala held here in Adelaide south Australia last month.

basically I got this from Mcl for about 60$ and it was so worth it.so that’s my little fall haul I’ll definitely do a YouTube video soon so you can head up on to my channel @ Lucy Ndua and subscribe I’ll be uploading it soon. Thank so much for the support guys see you soon ♥️ also you can follow me on Instagram @ eluwan_blaze

And comment in the description below on some other places you might think are cool that I can check out.


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