We all go through heartbreak at some point,we ask ourselves questions like how could I let this happen ,how could I not see it was bound to happen but most of the time we don’t realise it but we make excuses for the people we love and who are hurting us that we don’t see the cruelty within their eyes.The animosity within that no one outside the bedroom knows about.

Heartbreak isn’t normal and so is loving the wrong person.we never meet People by accident and if so then some of this people are definitely the worst accidents a girl could have.

Let’s talk about my life for a second.three serious relationships ,at least one of them was a good breakup since we kept in touch but I don’t know how it would have been if we lived together.that brings me to the other two ,not many People know but I have been gaining the courage to speak about it and it is one of the bravest things I have ever done.Yes cruel people do freaking exist.You never know what lies behind the smile till you get in the sheets.If you probably know me you know what I’m talking about.So yes welcome to my life.The happy and always energetic friend,sister and daughter hasn’t been all cheerful as you thought.Two years Ago I got into a relationship that almost broke me,why do I say almost? It’s because I almost went crazy ,I almost lost my mind.But I turned to God because that’s just me I never give up ,I’m never easily broken down.Though I did question God why all the cruelty I was going through was happening I never lost hope.so it took me two years to heal and regain myself back.The girl I used to know,the strong woman who had been raised by a strong single mom.Then I met him,the guy I would have never ever thought of dating,the one good friend who was always there when I needed him.The guy who I loved with all my heart.

I mean it was bound to happen sooner or later with everyone around me saying hey Lu this guy likes you maybe you should give it a shot.And for sure it got me thinking, but I wasn’t ready just yet because I was still scared.scared of the pain,the hurt,the lies,the emptiness,the damage! But we all know life has a way of fucking us over right.

So I decided to give it a shot and see where everything would go because to me he was a dream come true, a man of God, who never drinks ,who is always there for anyone who needs him ,basically he was the guy version of mother Teresa.And who can blame me for falling into his claws.Not all that glitters is gold. I should have paid more attention in English class when learning this sayings.

It was amazing for about a month and a half and suddenly the fights began,he turned into another being that I had never seen before.but we all know me right I just love to see the good in people .so I still stayed saying to myself he’s going to change ,he’s gonna get better but I was just lying to myself.so long story short, He ended up cheating on me ,He treated me like shit practically after being beside him in everything that he went through,making him the second guy I’d despise for the rest of my life.

We all have People like this in our lives that pretend to be good friends but the moment you fully let them in and give them your 100% they end up screwing you over .so trust me if you start making excuses for their behaviour,guess what ,your going to be the one who ends up drained and broken in the end because they would never care ,because truth is THEY NEVER CARED IN THE FIRST PLACE .THEY ALREADY GOT WHAT THEY WANTED AND NOW THEY ARE DONE WITH YOUR SORRY ASS!



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