Dear shadow,aren’t you an amazing feature in this world.you have been with me longer than I could remember,you have never left my side ,your stuck to me and I’m stuck to you like glue.Your L.O.V.E is remarkably undeniable.The affection you give when the sun shines letting me know your there to stay. But there’s a little problem,you see just like my Ex you promised me you’d never leave my side ,you vowed to be behind me .”I GOT YOUR BACK” that’s what you said.But as soon as daylight was gone so were you.When the day was dull and cloudy too I couldn’t find you,leaving me in this empty void because my best friend was no longer around.

As the rain fell you still hide yourself,as I walked in the rain getting soaked trying to call out your name.I wish I never got attached.

I protected you from the suns heavy rays ,I always let you walk behind me protecting you from all the hurtful words and actions of this cruel world.If only i knew you’d leave just like He did maybe I would have let you walk alone.

So thank you shadow for no one has taught me to shield myself like you have,I will be forever great full for you shadow.it’s not your fault your weak when there’s no light to mirror you ,you see just as light is your strength and still your weakness so was he mine.

The darkness has now become my friend and I have mastered how to move within without seeing.

I can’t complain because now, now I live.


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