5 Things I have learnt before 23

Recently I just turned 23 and I cannot begin to tell you how much 23 not only as a number has given me the epiphany I sought of needed.

For me, 23 is not only a number but it’s kinda like that bright light at the end of the tunnel. I know I still have a lot to learn and many more years to come but as of now I just wanna talk about 23.


The number one thing I have learned before 23 is that my mum is my best friend. I may have best friends who come and go but my mum actually is my closest friend and will always stick by my side no matter what.I’m sure some of you might relate on the fact that our mums have gone through hell with us as teenagers and for that, I’m a really sorry mum.


No matter how much you study if you’re not studying for something that your passionate about and really want to be, you are definitely wasting your precious time. And again no matter what grades you get you are never a failure some people are made for school and some just aren’t. But with that said Education is a power source and it’s not only found in a class, life too does educate you on stuff you’d never learn in a classroom.


If you’re not losing friends, then your not growing. we all meet people at different points in our lives for certain purposes. Let us face it, human beings are connected, your destiny is a line of webs that automatically takes you to the same place. So yes friends are there but you gotta learn not all of them stay when your succeeding in life or having setbacks.


Before you meet the right one or so they say, you gotta kiss a couple of wrong ones so that when you finally find the right one then you’ll appreciate them.I’m still learning this in life and honestly I believe God has created thousands and thousands of soulmates for us and it is upon us to find each other amongst the thousands. I cry when it doesn’t work out, it just means on to the next adventure.


Do what makes you happy, be with whoever makes you happy, smile each day and be thankful for what you have and stop beating yourself for what you don’t have because life is too short and we can only fulfill our purpose once in a lifetime.

So stay positive, Love as much, dance the night away and kiss like you’ll never kiss again. And remember SITUATIONS ARE TEMPORARY 😌


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