You know when you have that tingly feeling in your heart and soul when you see that little bundle of joy in the world,and you get to hold it and look down at this beautiful,innocent yet clueless creature that just came to the world for the first time.

That intense feeling full of unknown mixed reactions on the left side of your chest you get whether it’s your own little bundle of joy or not.

I’m sure you’d like to feel that way everyday.But sadly for some just thinking about a baby is like a punch in the gut.Dont get me wrong I’m not saying it’s a bad thing.Because whether we like it or not everyone has their own opinions and options.But ever asked yourself why you get that gut like punch feeling ?

I used to love babies and I still do ,but I’m scared of having my own child.for years as I thought about it I loved the idea of holding my little one but then again when I’d sit down and think about it I’d be like there’s that gut feeling again.

It’s not until recently that my dad passed away (may his soul Rest In Peace) that I realised something.Im not afraid to have a child ,I’m afraid that my child won’t have a father and they’d have to feel that emptiness and void that I felt while growing up.

And I don’t think I’d handle that in life. I mean I know I’d be a bomb ass mama but do I have to feel like this every time I get that baby Fever.Believe me every woman has those little moments when she feels like she wants a kid but we tell ourselves ,your not ready yet.

What if you are but just making excuses because of your past.?soul search lil mama because only you have the answers.

Xo xo


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