Should We make it official

What is love? We all wonder about this word at some point in our lives but do we know the meaning! For instance we all think we have fallen in love at some point dont we?

Is it safe to assume that love is and is not a feeling, I know this is confusing.but we have all loved someone at some point but then fallen out of love …which leaves us with questions like did I ever love the person or was it just an infatuation.

Which brings me to this epic tale of where it all begins.Should we or should we not make it official. This is the question that determines the future of most relationships.

So I’m guessing if your reading this you must probably be wondering should I or should I not?Well I’m definately not here to give you an answer to that but like many of us it’s never that easy.Making the decision that will probably fuck you over or end up in an epic tale of a happily ever after is never guaranteed.

But hey life is a gamble right?So take the chance but weigh your options before you settle,and if it doesn’t work out it’s like I always say you just got to keep moving forward one foot in front of the other until the next big thing sweeps you off your feet.


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