“You look like a high maintenance girl, ” he said. This is the words of a man I just randomly met today had a conversation with and after showing him my YouTube handle decided to judge me.”Before you showed me this I thought you were a quiet girl a simple girl but after looking at your YouTube It just changed my perception of you” he continued. “Why is that? “I asked. Well he continued to tell me that seeing me in person at work without the makeup and wearing my work clothes I look just like an ordinary woman a sweet woman but when I change into my normal home wear clothes and makeup myself a little bit I look like a very high maintenance woman. This statement offended me in so many ways because he just showed me the perception of men towards women who take care of themselves by making sure they look good, smell good and even dress well is not at all appealing.

So I went on ahead to ask if he thought I was dateable. He shockingly replied with a Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t! I was in shock after he uttered those words because without even knowing me personally he had already marked me as “that type of girl”

Well, this is to all the men out there who are just like Mr. X, I don’t put on make up for you, I don’t buy expensive handbags for you, I don’t keep myself smelling good for you and My choice of style is sure not for you.

Women who neglect their appearance often end up being divorced and cheated on by their men. Yet when one decides to start taking better care of herself these comments come out….”you found another man?”

“Your cheating on me I know it”

“You’ve changed ”

“If you paid attention to me like you pay attention to your makeup maybe I wouldn’t cheat”

“You think you’re better than everyone here just because you look pretty”

“You’re not going out like that”

All this are things we hear every day and this Label has to Stop. So join me and let’s end this stereotype nonsense #ENDTHELABEL




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