We all get those mornings where you just want to eat out but are too lazy to get up and actually make an effort to going out on such a chilly morning just to have that awesome breaky from your favourite joint.

Well, uber eats have definitely come to save the day or rather the morning. I got to say this I am now hooked to ordering food whenever I don’t feel like going out and it’s definitely amazing. Though they charge a $5 dollar fee for delivery I find it reasonably cheap.

So today I got to have a bite from Java Lifestyle a joint in Adelaide I ordered a bacon and egg breaky muffin with a medium chai latte……

Which was quite amazing, the softness of the bun that just melts in your mouth is undeniably to die for. Not mentioning the cooking of the eggs and bacon inside was super tasty.

I also had the pleasure of enjoying their little bacon and egg Foccacia which had a crusty pastry to it Very good considering the softness of the eggs inside..the bacon was cooked to perfection too.

Lastly, I ordered a chocolate muffin but I was disappointed that I didn’t get what I ordered and no contact was made to ask if I wanted the blueberry muffin they put or I would rather choose something else. So that was a very big disappointment and a turn off for me.

The packaging was good no spills and overall if you asked me I give them a rating of 3.5 …not too bad maybe next time they might get to wow me but until then I can’t say its a bad place the food is generally good.




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