Social Media influencers 2018

Currently, I just landed in the world of micro-influencers which I had no idea existed and I have to say it is mind-blowing. Today’s influencers have become experts in shooting and executing campaign ideas for brands and especially on social media. Being an influencer is currently a job description and regardless of how large or small your following is as an influencer, brands asking you to create content it’s important to know your worth.

I am not saying you go all in and ask for unreasonable prices that probably don’t meet the brands budget.No that’s not it at all. What I mean is don’t undervalue yourself as a content creator because not everyone is the same and you never know your ideas could be really worth the hype.

As for brands, 2018 is the year of growth and research has shown that for every 1$ a brand used on an influencer they gained 6.38$ dollars.Now if that’s not a profit I don’t know what it. Influencer marketing has allowed brands to reach a specific niche and engaged audience. There is no doubt that influencers will continue to emerge and dominate in 2018.


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