So here I am on a Saturday night, its the middle of winter and since it doesn’t snow in Adelaide you can only find the sweet settle sound of rain. So I decide to call up a couple of friends to find out where to hang out tonight because let’s be honest who wants to stay in on a Saturday night.

It is a good thing I did make a couple of phone calls because now I get to enjoy the luxury and fine dining of one of Adelaide finest Hotels.

Tony a friend of mine and also one of the chefs at Intercontinental in Adelaide is working tonight. So we decide to pop up and have a taste of the good life. His work is phenomenal and if you don’t believe me just take a look at his work on his Instagram feed Chef Anthony

I have been in Adelaide for 5 years but funny enough never thought of dining here. Isn’t life wonderful how events turn out that now I get to indulge in a 5-star experience.

So a little bit about Intercontinental it is located on North-terrace in Adelaide. It is exclusively positioned just at the banks of the River Torrens to provide that luxury thrill. From live music to the Melbourne cup lunch Intercontinental has it all. They have a guest review of 4.5 stars well including mine it should be around 4.7.

So we had the luxury of trying out their menu and a couple of drinks and all I can say is that it was amazing. The next day I was still reminiscing on that chicken breast and I can tell you it made me want to go back.

The service was great though we had to wait for the meals for almost an hour due to a lot of people in the hotel and it was on a weekend so it was a bit of a busy night. The staff was amazing and very lovely they made me feel right at home.

Below is just a taste of what they bring to the table and honestly, in my opinion, this is a very cosy place for those winter days.

Besides the prices are very affordable.

If you live or happen to visit Adelaide make a point of visiting I guarantee, you will thank me later.





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