Waking up in the morning is the most task full job there can ever be. I myself find it so hard and time-consuming on getting ready and having to look put together for the day and I am sure you feel the same way too, otherwise, that’s why your here right? So i came up with 5 quick foolproof ideas on how to dress well while limiting time and energy even if you feel like a hot mess.

1. Take care of your Skin.

Say goodbye to dry skin, tired skin, cracked skin and saggy skin. Hydration is the holy grail and its an easy everyday task even when you don’t have time. Water hydration is very important and one of the tricks I usually do in order to keep hydrated is investing in a carry on a water bottle that can fit in your handbag. Moisturize your skin using SPF moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated is also one of the many tricks I do to take care of my skin. Getting enough sleep and meditating also helps maintain the vibrancy of your skin to reduce the tired look.

2. Messy Hair is a No No!

I am a huge wig wearer and that has really saved me on those bad hair days. Wearing wigs is not for everyone and it is totally understandable, but for those who would love to wear them investing in one for those rainy days is definitely worth your money and time.

Fixing your hair the night before and wearing a silk wrap will definitely save you time in the morning.

3.Invest in Neutral colors

Having a one color palette of clothing is easy to choose from with no effort at all but this means you have to have this at the back of your mind while shopping. I like to get black, white and grey color palettes. They are easy to style and they go with just about anything.

4.Pieces that Fit

Too small or too big outfits may make you look out of place and may not be flattering on your body. I have found sometimes clothes that have my sizing on the label don’t fit as they should. so my advice is to shop for your biggest part and then get the garment altered to fit everywhere else.

5. Mascara & Lipstick are your best friend.

Even if you don’t have time to put on makeup and get that fave beat, a little touch of mascara and hint of lipstick definitely does the trick. One thing I have noticed over the years is that when you apply lipstick even without applying anything else, you automatically look like you have makeup on.


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