5 Things I have learnt before 23

Recently I just turned 23 and I cannot begin to tell you how much 23 not only as a number has given me the epiphany I sought of needed. For me, 23 is not only a number but it’s kinda like that bright light at the end of the tunnel. I know I still have a lot to learn and many more years to come but as of now I just wanna talk about 23. FAMILY: The number one thing I have learned before 23 is that my mum is my best friend. I may have best friends who come … Continue reading 5 Things I have learnt before 23


Dear shadow,aren’t you an amazing feature in this world.you have been with me longer than I could remember,you have never left my side ,your stuck to me and I’m stuck to you like glue.Your L.O.V.E is remarkably undeniable.The affection you give when the sun shines letting me know your there to stay. But there’s a little problem,you see just like my Ex you promised me you’d never leave my side ,you vowed to be behind me .”I GOT YOUR BACK” that’s what you said.But as soon as daylight was gone so were you.When the day was dull and cloudy too … Continue reading I GOT YOUR BACK


We all go through heartbreak at some point,we ask ourselves questions like how could I let this happen ,how could I not see it was bound to happen but most of the time we don’t realise it but we make excuses for the people we love and who are hurting us that we don’t see the cruelty within their eyes.The animosity within that no one outside the bedroom knows about. Heartbreak isn’t normal and so is loving the wrong person.we never meet People by accident and if so then some of this people are definitely the worst accidents a girl … Continue reading TILL YOU GET IN THE SHEETS.


Recently I have been having this motivation from within,this energy and creativity just lining up wanting to pop out of my body it’s not even funny.I have been hooked up on Ted talks for the past week and I feel like I can take on the world.I used to fear hustling because I thought hustling only made you seem poorer when you said you hustled.But truth be told as you grow up you learn so much now that I have to pay my own bills,had to buy my own car and have to buy my own makeup yes people makeup … Continue reading HUSTLE TILL YOU MAKE IT‼️